Pentagram partnered with Red Hat developers and OLPC (One Laptop Per Child)  to create Sugar – the interface for XO laptops (

Sugar is an interface designed for children intended to facilitate learning through creativity, expression, sharing and reflection. It uses a zoom interface to interatc with various scales of community.

The XO is a low cost computer and Sugar is open-source educational software, the XOs come with a wireless router.

It graphically focuses on activities rather than applications.
It also wirelessly connects to other machines and shows other users and their photos/activities etc
Sugar GUI

Developer wiki for Sugar:

OLPC Interface

A review of the XO and Sugar by David Pogue NY Times

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Rhonda is a 3D drawing tool like no other. Amit Pitaru developed this amazing piece of software around 2003. Around that time he was collaborating with James Paterson, their project was called InsertSilince. In this video you can see James drawing using Rhonda with his unique style.


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Awesome idea for J&B. A big projection in long street there on that building where all the large scale billboards always gets hosted.

Done by UrbanScreen

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