Who, you ask?

Let us state upfront this blog is purely a bookmark blog for us here at Pixel Project.
We use this blog to share cool stuff each of us here comes across. Ideas and technologies that we find relevant or inspiring to help us on our journey of digital discovery.

If you would like to see more of what we do, please visit our official site www.pixelproject.com

Preston Thomas

Preston is the Technical Director at Pixel Project. His passion for all things “tech” inspires future tech thinking and cutting edge ideas in Pixel Project.

His skills areas of expertise are Flex and AS3 scripting,, Director Scripting, Animation, Web Site development, Concept, gaming, Motion Graphics, Design.

Preston studied Art Direction at the AAA School Of Advertising. After completing his diploma and starting up an interactive course at AAA he begun his career at Tool, a digital agency part of the TBWA Hunt Luscaris Group. From there he led the interactive departments of Tinderbox, Delapse and squaredH.

He has picked up numerous awards at these agencies including many Loerie Awards, Spada Awards, Avanti, Cannes, One Show, and Constructus thanks to the great teams he has worked with.
Currently he operates as Pixel Project.

Rahle Dusheiko
Years ago, while walking down Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, I had a vision of working with massive digital installations, at the time these did not exist and I had no idea what this meant. My partnership with Preston brought out the Borg in me and over the years, we at Pixel Project have turned this vision into a thriving, digital reality.

My favourite quote from Star Wars is “There is always a bigger fish”.
With this in mind, I try not to take things too personally or too seriously, though, I’m not always successful.
I adore cats but I don’t like “cat things”.
If you want to be my friend forever, bring me Mint Intense Lindt.

Rahle is the creative lead of Interaction Design and co-founder at Pixel Project. She focuses on the user-interfaces and creative direction in all our work. Her areas of expertise are wireframe development, interaction and interface design, creative and copywriting, illustration, animation and concept development.

Last century, Rahle studied Multimedia AAA School of Advertising, Johannesburg. She first worked at FCB Electric Ocean, Johannesburg and Blink New Media. She left Blink and started freelancing as Pixel Project till she moved to Cape Town in 2003. Shortly after that, Preston joined forces with her and Pixel Project really took off.

Jean-Jacques Rossouw
JJ is a designer that has his eyes on the latest design trends and styles but his fingers firmly planted on the past tried, trusted methods and rules. Although he breaks them most of the time he likes to know that they are there and keep learning about more.
He has an Advanced Diploma After studying Fine Art & Photography at College Of Cape Town and completed his Advanced Diploma in Multimedia design and Production at CityVarsity where he specialised in Print Media design. Part of his Diploma was interactive and motion graphic design, it was then that he was introduced to the world of evolving technology and decided to take it on as a career.

His strong love for print design never left him and now he combines and looks at interactive design with a different perspective to create work that is not only functional but also pleasing to the senses. He strongly believes that print is not a dying profession but a evolving art and there fore should not be discarded but adapted to the ever changing world of digital media.

He joined the team at Pixel Project in 2009 where he has the role of designer and animator.