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A simple yet nice idea for a AR game.

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How it works

The Process

1. Raw 3-D graphic data of almost any kind- including: LIDAR, Aerial photographs, CAD, CAM, can be used to make a hologram.

2. The model data is processed and rendered by our proprietary rendering engine. Each digital hologram is composed of thousands of hogels (like a three dimensional pixel). The model data is broken down into subsets for each hogel.

3. A hologram of a 3-D model is formed by recording the interference pattern of two laser beams. One laser beam is encoded with the datausing an LCD screen which then scatters the image onto the recording medium. The second beam serves as a reference beam. The two beams are brought together and interfere on the recording medium (a photo polymer film). Each point in the object acts as a point source of light, and each of these point sources interferes with the reference beam, giving rise to an interference pattern. The interference pattern of light and dark areas, similar to zebra stripes, is recorded in the photo polymer. This process is repeated for each hogel to build the entire hologram.

4. After recording and processing the film, the hologram is illuminated by a light in a similar position to the reference beam it was recorded with. Each hogel’s recorded interference pattern will diffract part of the reference beam to re-construct the data beam. These individual reconstructed data beams add together to reconstruct the whole 3-D model. The viewer perceives a 3-D image reconstructed in reflected light which is identical to the 3-D model data.

For more about this tech, see ZEBRA IMAGING TECHNOLOGY

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Jinha Lee and Cati Boulanger of Microsoft’s Applied Sciences Group have created a desktop display with a transparent 3D monitor (Samsung transparent O-led screen).

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3D holograms and real models mixed together at the Burberry winter collection show in Beijing.

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Oakley To Debut 3D Eyewear With Special TRON: Legacy Film Edition”

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