Clavilux 2000 – Interactive instrument for generative music visualization from Jonas Heuer on Vimeo.

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One of my new fave company’s out there to look out for I must say is SuperUber. They have some fun ideas and visuals.

Here is the Minas Gerais – Vale Memorial they did in Belo Horizonte November 2010.

“The Minas Gerais – Vale Memorial concept, in Belo Horizonte, presents the state’s history using multimedia and interactive resources. The building opened in november 2010 and was restored according to Gringo Cardia’s project. The Memorial’s technology director is Russ Rive – CEO and CTO of SuperUber – responsible for the research and technology strategy that made possible the Museum’s original interactions. The Memorial is part of the Liberdade Square Cultural Circuit, project that counts with 10 different cultural centers and offers knowledge, art, science and entertainment to people. Two examples of museums in the Circuit are the Mines and Metal Museum and the TIM UFMG Knowledge Center, both having SuperUber’s works. The interactive project of the Memorial has a sophisticated technology set up for a large museum, with over 30 rooms. The innovative interfaces are specially made for the text, videos, animations and sounds of the Museum. The project also includes some interfaces where people can access content through iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Here are a few featured installations:

Modernism Room – a large projected multitouch table, about modernism in Minas Gerais, Brazil and the world.

Rock art room – electronic sensors and interactive animations show the ancient rock art drawings in movement.

Minas Gerais Farm room – projection mapping with images made by Minas Gerais artist Humberto Mauro, projected onto typical objects from a farm.” copy from site

Memorial de Minas Gerais – Vale | Minas Gerais – Vale Memorial from SuperUber on Vimeo.

Love the graphics and the colours used on this car projection mapping.
very fun and inspiring

done by NERDO

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Not sure what is 4D in it but wow the animation and projection quality is amazing.

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Mapping during 600 years anniversary of the astrological tower clock situated at Old Town Square in center of Prague. words by the macula

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Beamvertising – Advertising by means of a beam…now that’s cool.
We have seen it done a few times, Nokia, Puma and even back in the day when you needed Batman, the city of Gotham would Beam a mat against the sky.
Now BMW has done it, again.

All in Singapore of coarse in Suntec City, Towers 2 & 3.
“Watch as we transform busy office buildings in Singapore from a symbol of work, into a symbol of Joy.” – BMW Asia Insider

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“Samsung gives famous historic Dutch building a new dimension with 3D Projection

On Thursday the 20th of May 2010, Samsung was the first to introduce a large-scale commercial 3D-Outdoor projection in the Netherlands, at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. The public was able to view the addition of a new dimension to this historic building. On the adjacent square, visitors are able to try out the new Samsung 3D LED TVs, and are offered a chance to win one of their own every night. Foursquare, YouTube and Dutch Startup are part of the integrated campaign.

Agencies: Starcom & MUSE Amsterdam”

Copy by turnontomorrow

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So I have become a bit of a fan for this London-based studio. Another awesome projection installation by Seeper

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Karolina Sobeska and James George, SNIFF, 2009, digital projected media Image courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop & Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery, New York., New York.

Karolina Sobeska and James George, SNIFF, 2009, digital projected media Image courtesy of {CTS} creative thriftshop & Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery, New York., New York.

Sniff - Digi Pet

More about this puppy on the wall,

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So we all remember when our folks or guardians use to read to us from our favorite story book over and over again until we fell asleep.
Well times has changed and how we read to our kids (hopefully cats or dogs) has changed to. But one thing remains, a good book stays a good book. Just wonder if the kid will ever fall asleep with all this fun ?

Created by Mobile Art Lab

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