The Bigger Design presents there Sentinel project. They strapped a NERF BFG on a homebrew swivel stand, hooked up some wires with an Arduino board, slapped a webcam on top, and brought it all together with an Adobe AIR application to make it sing.
More info The Bigger Design

NERF Sentinel from AdobeMAX Keynote from The Bigger Design on Vimeo.

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Here is a great tip to be able to preview your AS code in quicklook in Snow Leopard. It even supports colours!!
Download and install this
Then go into the package file of this plugin and edit the plist file and edit the top part so it looks like this


Now you can change your file associations to textedit or any other text tool and now you have cool quicklook for your as files

Posted in AS3 at December 28th, 2009.

puremvcPureMVC Framework Tutorial

Understanding a framework can take a lot of time, but once you’re happy with your knowledge, you can literally code at the speed of thought. PureMVC is a great framework for AS3; some may say it’s a bit difficult to get your head around, but you’ll be happy you did.

Posted in AS3 at June 5th, 2009.