A simple yet nice idea for a AR game.

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This year over at the International CES conference, Vuzix debuted a functional prototype for its Smart Glasses industrial class monocular display . A special lens attached to a proprietary display driver that produces a bright, 1.4mm holographic picture for one of your peepers. According to Vuzix, the lenses were the fruit of a DARPA project, and could allow soldiers involved in air-to-surface operations to track jets, check their ordinance and mark targets for destruction. The military / industrial monocle will go on sale in Q3 of 2012 for somewhere between $2500-3000.

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In today’s day and age, if it’s not personalized, its not worth it. Everything from web experiences to cars we drive, we want to be “linked in”. But what happens when movies like “Minority Report” becomes a reality? We all use to “Big Brother” keeping an eye on us, everything from traffic cams to street and building security cameras. It’s already a part of our environment.
Japan has been combining those cams with facial recognition technology to make advertising about you and they working on this concept of marketing to becoming a standard. This video by NEC Tech. demonstrates the reality that is already happening.

Link to view video – Video

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Total Immersion, revealed today the first augmented reality application developed for the iPad 2. This playful application titled, “AR Magic Mirror” gives users a selection of wacky virtual hairstyles, glasses and accessories to try on, or to try on their friends. The app uses facial recognition to identify the user and apply virtual 3D enhancements to their video image in real time through augmented reality functionality. “AR Magic Mirror” is planned to be a free application available on iTunes.

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This is super cool. Something we’ve wanted to do for ages but using a handheld AR display device to augment additional content onto a book. Read the full story here

Also courtesy of the peeps at HITLab NZ

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Pretty jumpy but the idea is something to remember when dealing with AR.

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Can AR bring print back to the masses ?

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Something to look at for our future AR development.
See more info after the jump.

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These guys (Squid Soup) were commissioned to create a project that aims to combine physical play (moulding the sand in a sandpit) with virtual animal husbandry, and is aimed at 6-12 year old kids. It was called Portable Pixel Playground with Glowing Path Finder Bugs.

Quick look:

Virtual caterpillars, projected onto the sandpit, react to the physical topography of the sand, and can be enclosed by sand walls, scared by children’s hands and fingers, and attracted to each other. When they meet, magical things begin to happen…


Techno info:
Technically, the project uses a Point Grey Bumblebee stereo camera to capture depthmap information from the sandpit in real time – using software and ideas first developed for Driftnet during a Research Fellowship at Arts Institute Bournemouth in 2007.

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