You have to check this out

ONE guy Salman Khan made nearly 2000 youtube videos each explaining one concept from maths, science, etc for school kids
He’s been given $2m by google to get it all translated and bill gates has personally started working with him to get all the tools and lessons etc into schools

It’s great, he’s got a team of devs now
All the server code etc is open source
It’s all free. people can have other people registered as coaches (eg teachers, tutors etc) and then coaches can watch student performance, down to the individual exercise problem.

It’s revolutionising this one school where they’re running a pilot in two different grades
All the stuff the teacher had to do is handled by the system, so now all the teacher does in class is walk around and offer help with problems – knowing full well which students need help with what problems.
It also makes it super easy to find strong students to tutor weaker students
which makes the whole group’s average go up.
This guy’s videos serves more than all the university’s free videos combined
44,451,879 youtube lessons delivered
Its totally amazing

It also works on ipad with finger control!!

He’s gotten letters from people that were able to pass school so well that they got bursaries and were able to move their families out of poverty on the back of those bursaries because of his videos.
The first time he got such a letter he quit his day job – because he was doing this in his spare time!
He was a hedge fund analyst and really smart, iq 160+
super inspirational

Written by Robert Stuttaford – Techpreneur – Cape Town

Posted in Education at April 9th, 2011.