Hundreds of LED rocks – CRYSTAL by Studio Roosegaarde from Daan Roosegaarde on Vimeo.

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This year over at the International CES conference, Vuzix debuted a functional prototype for its Smart Glasses industrial class monocular display . A special lens attached to a proprietary display driver that produces a bright, 1.4mm holographic picture for one of your peepers. According to Vuzix, the lenses were the fruit of a DARPA project, and could allow soldiers involved in air-to-surface operations to track jets, check their ordinance and mark targets for destruction. The military / industrial monocle will go on sale in Q3 of 2012 for somewhere between $2500-3000.

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On May 26 of 2010 i blogged about Sony’s unfailing of there world first flexible, full-color OLED. (article here)

Well fast forward a year and Samsung Mobile Display confirmed that the company want to mass produce flexible bendable AMOLED Displays in 2012!
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Why is Oled so great? watch the video below and you will understand why.

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The Bigger Design presents there Sentinel project. They strapped a NERF BFG on a homebrew swivel stand, hooked up some wires with an Arduino board, slapped a webcam on top, and brought it all together with an Adobe AIR application to make it sing.
More info The Bigger Design

NERF Sentinel from AdobeMAX Keynote from The Bigger Design on Vimeo.

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The Geo-Cosmos, the symbol exhibit of Miraikan, produces a rendition of our Earth shining brightly in space with a super high precision exceeding 10 million pixels.
Text by Tsunagari

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A how step by step “how to guide” for building a 8X8X8 led cube!
just think how amazing this could be as an installation.

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Nothing new but its worth looking at it again. Only a prototype but the concept of combining your screen and your desk work space into one has always been a dream for most computer users that spend endless hours on them.

more info on this desk and what went into it, BendDesk

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If you don’t like it when people tell you what you should do or what you would like, then this is not for you.

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Now i don’t know how real this is… but im looking into it.
If its real, WOW!

More here at

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