Ever wondered what to do with old vinyls?
i can see this working in a music store or at a event / club.

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Obscura Digita – my new favourite interactive/digital heroes used eight 20k projectors to map the Guggenheim in NY for the YouTube/play Awards.

Check out their other stuff – these guys are very cool.

Obscura Digital

Projection Mapping the Guggenheim


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“Spanning across a 50 meter long corridor, 467 fish-like objects wrapped in iridescent colours and suspended from the ceiling rotate rhythmically around their own axis
to display the movements and interdependency typical to shoal of fish.

The ceiling architecture is set in motion and appears liquefied changing the spatial experience of the corridor while opening up the surrounding architecture infinitely
towards Lake Ontario.” – Troika

For more information see troika.uk.com/​shoal

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What I like about this and find interesting is the use of the touch table controlling the environmental projection. The potential in this could lead to very interesting and immersive experiences.

It was posted on this site:
Video and concept courtesy of HITLab NZ

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We always look for space to project in or create a installation, lets make space. This photographer did.

The Studio, IPS (Inflatable Photo Studio) – or what I like to call it “Black Bag” – comes in two sizes. The small measures 3.66 mx 2.13 mx 3.05 go’s for $ 399 (around R2 766) and the larger size, 10 mx 3.66 mx is 3.66 and that will go for $ 499 (around R3 459).

Now I know there is places in South Africa that can do the same Im sure but i just wanted to share the concept here to keep us reminded that it is possible.

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Looking at projects that we have completed where subjects are interlinked i think of Liliesleave.
Just think if you had game cards of every person that was part of the farm and when you drop it down it would show you all the details about that person but also if another user pop down a card it would show the relation, if there is any. Another cool idea is card games or object activation games like in “bakugan“, “pokemon” even “Dungeons and dragons” …



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Pretty jumpy but the idea is something to remember when dealing with AR.

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More goodies I found relating to Merc.
The one idea I spoke about with projecting onto the car, now I know we cant have this on a permanent installation because the cars move around and all but you can not over look even considering the awesomeness of this concept. more about this project

Making of

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Exhibition at the Ginza Graphic Gallery.
What looks like updating art in an info graphic style. Ever chaining, ever moving. Cool idea for installation for the art gallery space where the actions of people change the installation or even our own CID could draw inspiration from this…

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