more info see greentomatocars

Posted in Installations, Interactive, projection at December 15th, 2010.

Nothing new but its worth looking at it again. Only a prototype but the concept of combining your screen and your desk work space into one has always been a dream for most computer users that spend endless hours on them.

more info on this desk and what went into it, BendDesk

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More about this screen

Posted in Interactive, Multi-touch, projection at November 24th, 2010.

Ever wondered what to do with old vinyls?
i can see this working in a music store or at a event / club.

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Obscura Digita – my new favourite interactive/digital heroes used eight 20k projectors to map the Guggenheim in NY for the YouTube/play Awards.

Check out their other stuff – these guys are very cool.

Obscura Digital

Projection Mapping the Guggenheim

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Now for some time now I have been saying that car projection is cool and yeah building projection looks wawawewawa but lets embrace our love for shoes and give them life!
To late, it’s been done… and o-so-deliciously.

By flurry Interactive & Hayoung Jung

Posted in projection at November 15th, 2010.

Not sure what is 4D in it but wow the animation and projection quality is amazing.

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This is awesome if someone wants to do a fashion show but don’t have the space or the budget that includes a space.
Why not broadcast it so that a whole city can see your spring/summer collection 2010 ?

By Lumina Motion

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Sticking on Beamvertising, I thought a current project related topic would be in order.
By Lumina Motion

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I’m actually a bit of a fan of this “Beamvertising” projection style, I find it spontaneous and intruding but in a good way, kinda like a moving installation.
I can see a cool “find the moving add” campaign in this…
Peeps at LuminaMotion is big into there Beamvertising and it looks like Chile is a big fan of it to.

Posted in Mapping, projection at November 10th, 2010.