A how step by step “how to guide” for building a 8X8X8 led cube!
just think how amazing this could be as an installation.

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Multitouch with hacked Kinect

This is the infrared projection kinect uses to see you and your environment. You can try it with any camera using “night shot” mode.

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We always look for space to project in or create a installation, lets make space. This photographer did.

The Studio, IPS (Inflatable Photo Studio) – or what I like to call it “Black Bag” – comes in two sizes. The small measures 3.66 mx 2.13 mx 3.05 go’s for $ 399 (around R2 766) and the larger size, 10 mx 3.66 mx is 3.66 and that will go for $ 499 (around R3 459).

Now I know there is places in South Africa that can do the same Im sure but i just wanted to share the concept here to keep us reminded that it is possible.

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So right here is where the war between iPhone OS, Android and Windows Mobile get crushed and they combine and march together as one and create something freaking AWESOME!!!

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