Another from SuperUber that might be very basic but i think is very bold and effective.
I like how they instead of having a flat screen, made this interesting “coral” like pattern with the screens.

“Buzios’ Coral Reef Park Visitor Center – Interactive screens, synchronized projections and corals on display are part of the interactive andarchitectural design project created by SuperUber for the Buzios’ Coral Reef Park Visitor Center,located in one of the most popular spots in the city: Rua das Pedras. The exhibition’s visual concept creates an immersive environment with shapes inspired by coral patterns, which together form a mosaic of images, made of videos, animations, corals and information, with themes such as preservation, oceanography and environmental education. Original ambient sound for the projections composed by Lucas Marcier.” Text from site

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Now not only can you talk about your iphone and the new apps but you can show them off

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Nothing new but its worth looking at it again. Only a prototype but the concept of combining your screen and your desk work space into one has always been a dream for most computer users that spend endless hours on them.

more info on this desk and what went into it, BendDesk

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Now i don’t know how real this is… but im looking into it.
If its real, WOW!

More here at

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What I like about this and find interesting is the use of the touch table controlling the environmental projection. The potential in this could lead to very interesting and immersive experiences.

It was posted on this site:
Video and concept courtesy of HITLab NZ

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