BigDog, the robotic pooch climbs around in the woods, keeps its balance when kicked and when slipping on ice, travels through snow and mud, jogs 5 mph, and climbs some rubble and stone like its a Sunday walk on the beach, good puppy.

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The team (Jason McDermott and Liam Ryan (of Arup) and Frank Maguire) designed Social Firefly, a community of friendly intelligent lights that influence one another. The fireflies are programmed to respond to light from their neighbors, popular fireflies become highly influential, whilst isolated fireflies must work harder to reach their friends. By shining lights on to the fireflies, audience members speak the same language and influence the interaction between community members. Text by Creative Application Network.

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British South Korean grocery chain Tesco connects with busy people through an innovative new concept, Home Plus that they launched in South Korea. They created billboards the subway stations that feature a range of products that customers can then select and scan using QR codes with their cell phones, only to have the selected groceries delivered later to their doorstep. The displays are set up just like aisles in any grocery store, so while you’re waiting for the train, you can get that pesky chore out of the way. I would love to see this expanded to other markets. Text by – Design milk

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Screening of 270º from 3 projectors with a total size of linear projection of 20 x 5 meters. The presentation created in Ventuz for Pictures That Move & Stereolize contains 5 chapters and allows navigation through RadarTouch envelope.

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Amazing 245m wide projection done for a OMV employee event where thousands of people gather to be informed, wowed and entertained.
This great piece of awesomeness was created by
for more info about this event,

OMV – Event Projections from Strukt Studio on Vimeo.

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Multitouch with hacked Kinect

This is the infrared projection kinect uses to see you and your environment. You can try it with any camera using “night shot” mode.

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This is just pure eye candy, but the effect can definitely be used somewhere.

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We always look for space to project in or create a installation, lets make space. This photographer did.

The Studio, IPS (Inflatable Photo Studio) – or what I like to call it “Black Bag” – comes in two sizes. The small measures 3.66 mx 2.13 mx 3.05 go’s for $ 399 (around R2 766) and the larger size, 10 mx 3.66 mx is 3.66 and that will go for $ 499 (around R3 459).

Now I know there is places in South Africa that can do the same Im sure but i just wanted to share the concept here to keep us reminded that it is possible.

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Rhonda is a 3D drawing tool like no other. Amit Pitaru developed this amazing piece of software around 2003. Around that time he was collaborating with James Paterson, their project was called InsertSilince. In this video you can see James drawing using Rhonda with his unique style.


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