A simple yet beautiful Kinect tracking experience with low fly projection.

An interactive galaxy swing by Lab212

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Experiments in balloon motion and sound using an MS Kinect depth sensing camera.

By – Dan Wilcox

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For those who know, the Xbox Kinect is awesome but not only to play Dance Central or Kinect Sports but some really smart people out there has hacked this beautiful piece of tech. and has done some really fun things. Lets look at some of the cool hacks that those smart people have done.

Controlling A Humanoid Robot

Transform yourself to Ultra Seven by kamehameha

Dragon Ball Z by kamehameha

Interactive Ribbon Portal by PixelProject (yup that’s us)

Depth-sculpting strobe light

Interactive Puppet

Nipple Tracker (One of my faves)

Kinect Titty Tracker from Dan Wilcox on Vimeo.

3D Drawing

And just to prove that this fun toy can also be used for more tech. related subjects

Hacked Kinect Controls Windows 7

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Here are some examples of body tracking and projection mapping. The movements of the dancers are matched to the projected images.

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Some of our favourite XBOX Kinect hacks.

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